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Rediscover your inner world through   

Therapeutic Writing and Torah wisdom.

Thousands of women have come home.


Home to themselves. Home to their neshama.


Here are some of their stories.

Yehudit Sarah Waller


Nurtured Heart Approach Advanced Trainer

Lev Emunah Therapy Facilitator

Yocheved, a gifted teacher,  guides us with Torah wisdom and compassionate support to write our way home to our deepest truths and yearnings. I have gained insights, spiritually prepared for Yomim Tovim and expressed my thoughts and emotions through the variety of writing exercises she gives us. The sharing in the group is very rich because she creates a safe space to be vulnerable, to learn from each other and to grow. I highly recommend partaking in  her workshops. 

Do you feel out of touch with yourself?



Not sure where to go?


Do you want to get to know

yourself better?


Your strengths.

Your setbacks.

Your soul.


Take a journey back home.

Join the WYWH community on a journey from

Pain  Healing

Stuck  Empowered

Stress  Relief

Confusion  Clarity

Stagnation  Growth

"Home is not a place, it's a feeling." 

Heal Through Words


Start a journey of

self-discovery and healing

through therapeutic writing.


Connect with like-minded women 

heart_10303318 (1)_edited.png

Improve your emotional wellbeing


Discover your own inner voice

Step into your greatness!


Sometimes, we need a safe and gentle space to process our thoughts, feelings and blockages, to let us move forward in life. 


This is yours. 


Write Your Way Home offers a supportive environment to express yourself authentically and rediscover who you really are. 

a magical scene of a young woman with short brown hair, yellow-orange long-sleeved shirt a
  • Q: Is Write Your Way Home a writing course? Do I need to be a writer to join the course?
    Write Your Way Home is not a writing course. It’s a therapeutic journal-writing course for frum women, irrespective of their writing skills. It is an introspective journey to your inner world to discover yourself and propel you forward in your life’s journey. You do not need to be a writer to enjoy and grow from these classes. All you need is a pen, notebook, and your true authentic self.
  • Q: Can WYWH classes be taken online?
    You can join live WYWH courses in Jerusalem, and online. If you’d like to do therapeutic writing at your own pace, you can also purchase pre-recorded classes and our highly acclaimed WYWH books, journals and card decks.
  • Q: How do the classes work?
    Every class begins with a short warmup to help you settle into writing mode. The class then transitions to a specific technique or concept. While most classes explore one specific technique, some classes may use multiple writing techniques. At various points during the live class, there will be invitations to share for those that want to.
  • Q: Is this group therapy?
    Therapeutic writing is not a replacement for other traditional therapies, but is a super way to enhance your therapeutic process and to accelerate up the results. Numerous therapists have seen exceptional progress when their clients are in our classes.
  • Q: Is there an opportunity to share what I have written? Do I have to share?
    If you attend any of the live in-person or live online classes, you are welcome to share anything you have written or experienced. You can always choose how much or how little you’d like to share. Course members are not obligated to share anything with anyone. All personal sharing is strictly confidential.
  • Q: Are the classes very heavy and intense? I’m afraid I’ll get lost in the pain
    Our classes are structured in a way that is safe and containing. However, if you have gone through a large trauma and have not processed it yet in therapy, it is unwise to attempt to do so yourself through therapeutic writing. Our classes are therapeutic but not therapy and it is the responsibility of the writer to maintain her emotional equalibrium throughout the process.

Begin Your Way Home

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