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Therapeutic writing allows us access to our inner world, with unique exercises that enable us to grow, understand ourselves, and change our lives for the better. With hundreds of Torah sources and clear instructions, Write Your Way Home guides its readers to effective writing exercises that will help them develop in middos, inner satisfaction, relationships, and avodas Hashem.

This book will change your life. Try it!

"This Sefer contains many useful tools, expertly presented, which will help anyone who sets a time to work on their middos, as they can improve and advance through reflection and writing."  — Rav Shamai Gross Shlita, Chaver Badatz Mechzikei Hadas


“This is a beautiful book. The author has developed a Torah-based self-help system by which one writes healthy thinking into their heart. I am certain this will enhance the lifestyle of all who read and experience the book.” Rav Yitzchak Berkovits Shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Aish HaTorah


“I am confident that implementing these writing exercises will be an aid in personal Torah growth, personality development, and general satisfaction in achieving worthwhile accomplishments.” —Rabbi Zev Leff Shlita, Rav, Moshav Matityahu



“The authors... have written a wonderful manual that will help many people upgrade their middos.... The tools and techniques have the potential to transform someone’s way of being in amazing ways.” Rabbi Zelig Pliskin Shlita, author of 28 books and counselor



"Write Your Way Home is a professional presentation of a practical, beneficial approach to developing one’s self-awareness through creative writing ...Anyone who makes a personal investment in himself bas. ways." Rav Aharon Friedman, author of Yes, You Can!



"Write Your Way Home masterfully demonstrates that timeless wisdom with creative therapeutic writing exercises which can deepen our self-awareness and assist us in dealing with the myriad challenges of daily living.” —Dr Meir Wikler, DSW, Psychotherapist, family counselor, and author of Behind Closed Doors and Ten Minutes a Day to a Better Marriage

“Occasionally, a therapeutic writing book appears that offers sensitive original thinking on the often-praised topic of writing for healing, growth, and change. Write Your Way Home is such a book. Yocheved Rottenberg ... has created a pioneering work brimming with clarity, wisdom, and grace.” —Kathleen Adams, Founder/Director, Center for Journal Therapy and Therapeutic Writing Institute


"Write Your Way Home goes far beyond being a ‘writing manual’ or ‘self-help book.’ It leads the reader deep into the world of self-discovery, accompanied by some very wise guides, thinkers, and writers, who provide illustration and encourage ways of thinking about life from philosophical and spiritual perspectives." — Kate Thompson, MA, MA, CJT, author of Therapeutic Journal Writing: An Introduction for Professionals 



“Yocheved Rottenberg guides her readers to dive into the center of their own beings with her step-by-step journaling companion. Write Your Way Home brings the wisdom of Judaism together with sound psychological principles in order to help guide readers on a journey to their very best selves.” Sarah Chana Radcliffe, author of Better Behavior Now!

"Write Your Way Home is a masterpiece of empowering personality development that can enrich our lives and relationships. This book is a must for every Jewish home, and its authors deserve a standing ovation.” - Rebbitzen Malka Friedman, Hornisteipler Rebbitzen, Beitar Illit



“This monumental volume will one day be known as a classic of twenty-first century Torah literature, and as a landmark in contemporary Jewish publishing.” Sarah Shapiro, author of Growing with My Children

"Yocheved gently directs us to face ourselves and reach new heights in self-awareness. She masterfully uses well-researched Torah sources to achieve her lofty goal. This is a precious gift that can change our lives.” —Dina Schoonmaker, International Torah Lecturer

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