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Write Your Way Home menucha publishers book

Therapeutic writing allows us to access our inner world, with unique writing exercises that enable us to grow, understand ourselves, and change our lives for the better.

With hundreds of Torah sources and clear instructions, Write Your Way Home guides its readers to develop in middos, satisfaction, relationships and avodas Hashem. This book will change your life!

Sold through Menucha Publishers website and in select Jewish bookstores.


Created for the secular and general audience, this book is sold on Amazon. The powerful Jewish sources are an excellent introduction to those looking to learn more about Judaism and the effective writing exercises will help the reader internalize the dozens of traits they will explore in this book.

Buying this book and actually doing the exercises are life changing. A perfect gift for yourself and your spiritual and growing friend.

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The Jewish month of Elul is to a Jew like writing is to our heart. It cleanses us, gets rid of our excess pain, and brings us a new beginning. Elul is the time when we introspect and reflect. Writing helps us do that, too. Elul is the time to connect to our inner selves. And what connects us more than writing?


Therapeutic writing allows us access to our inner world, with exercises that enable us to grow, understand ourselves, and change our lives for the better. In this unique journal, full of both Torah sources and writing exercises that will help its readers approach the new year in a more conscious and connected way.This journal will change your year. 



Private, one on one sessions in which we delve into into specific issues that you want to bring up, using the medium of therapeutic writing blended with IFS, NHA, and more.

Private sessions are available live and through zoom.

$135 an hour, $105 for current course participants

Private Session

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Private Session -
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