“Write Your Way Home” is a life-changing series of workshops in which you will discover the transformative power of writing.  Join us on a journey of healing, self-knowledge, and discovery. Write your way through relationship struggles, heal childhood wounds, explore your inner blocks, and make acquaintance with your hidden parts through interesting and creative writing exercises.  Write your way home!

Take your best friend with you wherever you are. 

She costs only five shekel. She's a notebook.


Yocheved Rottenberg ‘s love of writing began when as a young girl all her fears, dreams, and thoughts filled many a spiral notebook.  As she maneuvered her way through the steep upward climb of life, she discovered that when she wrote, she connected to herself in a deep and calming way, she connected to Hashem through positivity and hope, and connected to her inner strength in ways she never knew before. Determined to share this with others Yocheved trained at The Yanar Institute, The Israeli Institute for Internal Family Systems, and the Therapeutic Writing Institute.

She brings with her years of experience in writing for publication and for self, editor at the Butterfly Magazine for single mothers, and Founder and manager of the Newcomer’s Guide for fourteen years.

Yocheved is a Certified Journal to the Self Instructor, Therapeutic Writing Facilitator, and Educational Guidance Counselor certified by the MIsrad Hachinuch.


As a trained counselor, Yocheved also offers the option of private sessions. The benefit of a private session is the chance to progress quicker as the focus is individual, rather than the group. In addition, there are topics that are too difficult to bring up in public that can be dealt with during a one-to-one session. The sessions will focus on the here-and-now, but will also give tools to bring home and use as journal therapy throughout the week.

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