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Dear Friends,
I have read portions of “Write Your Way Home, A Torah Guide to Therapeutic Writing” by Yocheved Rottenberg, with inspiration by Chaya Hinda Allen. The authoress presents a program to promote and internalize various qualities through structured writing exercises. an introduction to the various qualities is presented by Chaya Hinda Allen, giving a Torah outlook to that quality utilizing pertinent quotes from varied Torah sources.
My Rebbe, HaRav Mordechai Gifter Zt”l taught us the value of writing down Torah learning as Chazal say “Ashrei haba likan vitalmudo beyado, “fortunate is the one who comes (to the World to Come) with his Torah in his hand”, to which the Maharsha comments that he writes his Torah down. Writing focuses ones’ attention on the ideas, clarifies them in one’s mind and puts them down in an orderly fashion.
I found this work informative, interesting and inspiring.
I am confident that implementing these writing exercises after reading and learning about the various qualities will be an aid in personal Torah growth, personal development and general satisfaction in achieving worthwhile accomplishments.
I commend the authoresses for a quality work and pray that Hashem Yisrborach grant them and their families life, health and the wherewithal to continue to merit the community.

With Torah Blessings,
Rabbi Zev Leff, 
Rav and Rosh Yeshiva, Moshav Matityahu

Already in

its second printing!

I received the book Write Your Way Home, whose chashuv and yarei shamayaim authors focus on tikkun hamiddos, emunah and bitachon, and which contains a veritable treasure of quotes from chazal and our great rishonim and achronim on these subjects.
This sefer contains many useful tools, expertly presented, which will help anyone who sets a time to work on their middos, as they improve and advance through reflection and writing. Our greatest mechanchim and mashpiim praise this, saying that surely this sefer will be of great benefit to the public, and I add, “Yasher Koach!
I bench the authors to be zoche to see bracha in their efforts and be mezakeh the rabbim and be successful in all their endeavors.

HaRav Shamai Kehas Gross,
Beis Din Kahal Machzikei Hadass

“This is a beautiful book. The author has developed a Torah-based self-help system by which one writes healthy thinking into their heart. I am certain this will enhance the lifestyle of all who read and experience the book.”

HaRav Yitzchak Berkovits
Rosh Kollel of the Jerusalem Kollel, Rosh Yeshivas Aish HaTorah

Any book designed to help people develop their self-awareness is especially important. This way people can better understand themselves, their thoughts, and their inner workings that stimulate them to act or to refrain from acting. Without self-awareness, man is like “a horse, and a mule without understanding,” and his prospects of successfully making a proper cheshbon nefesh and achieving his purpose in this world are slight indeed. 
The Yismach Moshe zt”l explains the pasuk (Bereishis 1:26), “Let us make man in our image,” as follows: I and you, both of us together, will make man! A person was not created perfect, as Dovid HaMelech said (Tehillim 139:16): “Golmi ra’u einecha — My shapeless form did Your eyes behold.” Man was created like a golem — his maalos and characteristics were created as dormant potential, and it’s his job to bring everything from potential to reality. This is what HaKadosh Baruch Hu was referring to when He said, “Let us make man.” He was saying, “He and I; man will be created by both of us together!” By HaKadosh Baruch Hu, who gives us the potential for everything, and by man himself, who turns this potential into a reality through his free choice and his will. 
As such, the authors of this book, Mrs. Y. Rottenberg, tichyeh, and Mrs. C.H. Allen, tichyeh, have done a wonderful thing. Write Your Way Home is a professional presentation of a practical, beneficial approach to developing one’s self-awareness through creative writing.  
This book focuses on sixty important topics relating to mussar and the soul. The ideas are presented in a manner that enables every reader — within a short time of reading the exercises — to try to develop his own abilities of perception. Write Your Way Home contains a veritable treasure of quotes from Chazal, Rishonim, and Acharonim. Anyone who makes a personal investment in himself based on the guidelines set in this book will surely see blessing in his efforts. It will help him understand himself better and, b’ezras Hashem, correct his ways.


With much esteem and blessings,

Rabbi Aharon Friedman
Author of Yes, You Can! and Gam Atah Yachol!

“Chazal have taught, ‘Osiyos machkimos,’ meaning that the written word has the power to increase our understanding. Write Your Way Home masterfully demonstrates that timeless wisdom with creative therapeutic writing exercises which can deepen our self-awareness and assist us in dealing with the myriad challenges of daily living.”

Dr. Meir Wikler, DSW
Psychotherapist, family counselor, and author of Behind Closed Doors and Ten Minutes a Day to a Better Marriage

“I wish to bless the authors of Write Your Way Home with tremendous success. They have written a wonderful manual that will help many people upgrade their middos. 
Even if a reader will apply just a fraction of what is possible, they will gain in many ways. Those who are open to spending the necessary time and effort to enhance their lives will find the investment immensely beneficial.
The tools and techniques have the potential to totally transform someone’s way of being in amazing ways.”

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Mental health counselor and author of 28 books, most recently Upgrade Your Mind, Upgrade Your Life

“Journaling is a healing modality that is accessible to everyone — something that can be done for free, anytime in almost any place. But how to start? Yocheved Rottenberg guides her readers to dive into the center of their own beings with her step-by-step journaling companion. Beautifully illustrated and masterfully articulated, Write Your Way Home brings the wisdom of Judaism together with sound psychological principles in order to help guide readers on a journey to their very best selves.”

Sarah Chana Radcliffe, M.Ed., C.Psych.
Psychologist and author of Better Behavior Now! and Raise Your Kids without Raising Your Voice

“Our Sages have taught that every individual should try to create a written history of his or her personal life journey. The volume you hold now in your hands provides highly specific, brass-tacks writing instructions precisely designed to give access to our inner selves. Yocheved Rottenberg opens the gate for us all, whether you’ve been looking for years for the keys to that kingdom, or are a professional with writer’s block and are yearning to regain entry. Write Your Way Home can serve as the path into your own life — past, present, and future. 
This monumental volume will one day be known, I believe, as a classic of twenty-first century Torah literature, and as a landmark in contemporary Jewish publishing.”


Sarah Shapiro
Writing teacher, editor of the Our Lives Anthology series, and author of Growing with My Children and Wish I Were Here

“Chaya Hinda Allen has spent over a decade teaching, counseling, and inspiring women across the world. Her dedication and commitment to Torah and halachah resonates in her teaching and inspires her students to aspire to healthier, holier lives — and also provides practical tools how to achieve their goals. 
Write Your Way Home is a priceless harmony of therapeutic writing within a Torah perspective. Yocheved Rottenberg and Chaya Hinda Allen have combined their talents, presenting us with a brilliant composition which enables the healing and growth of nefesh ha’adam. 
Write Your Way Home is a masterpiece of empowering personality development that can enrich our lives and relationships. This book is a must for every Jewish home, and its authors deserve a standing ovation.”

Rebbitzen Malka (Twerski) Friedman
Horonsteipler Rebbitzen, Beitar Illit

“Yocheved Rottenberg is doubly gifted. She has the gift of penetrating insight into the deep world of emotions and human experience. But she also has the rare gift of being able to help others understand their inner world. In this book, Yocheved gently directs us to face ourselves and reach new heights in self-awareness. She masterfully uses well-researched Torah sources to achieve her lofty goal. This is a precious gift that can change our lives.”

Dina Schoonmaker
International Torah Lecturer

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