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Dear Yocheved


Thank you so much for the wonderful journey you took me on through your therapeutic writing morning. It was gentle, respectful, fun and enlightening. 


Through clear focused prompts you guided us to write short concise pieces and longer more developed ones. The inner work was a natural outgrowth of the writing process, subtly becoming revealed.


I really really enjoyed it.


You are professional, non-judgmental, creative, caring and you know how to run a group!

Chaya Hinda Allen, Jewish Positive Thinking

I am gaining so much from your class, I couldn't manage a week without it! Last week, when we didn't have class, I got together with F. and we just wrote ourselves.

D.L., Modiin

Thank You! It felt safe and real to share with the group today and thanks for the space to do that and create the energy where that can happen.

S.F., Jerusalem

Thanks for your understanding. And thank you for a most eye-and heart- opening course. It has helped me to understand myself and my life better, and to move forward in areas in which I’d felt stuck and unclear how to proceed. You are a very gifted, enthusiastic, sensitive and warm facilitator and it’s been a pleasure to learn from you. 

Y.M. Monsey, NY

I think the way that writing and the particular exercises guide a person to a door into a more subconscious part of themselves and reveal deeper ideas and feelings that can lead to realizations and deeper understanding of self. Its like asking your subconscious a question and seeing the answer revealed in the writing.

Thank you for your workshop, it was really special, and I got in touch with some important things through your exercises!

D.R., Jerusalem

It was a real self-coaching experience where you can self-explore, see your good points and weaknesses, know your desires and the obstacles standing in the way of achieving them and coming up with deep insight on how to  move forward in a liberating way.

Y.L. Beit Shemesh

It sounds funny, but when I came to my therapist this week, I had nothing to discuss because I had worked it all out at your class already!

J.B., Jerusalem

I connected to my inner self. It’s been an amazing and eye opening experience. And with all that – loads of fun! Thank you so much. Please let me know if you’re doing anything else.  S.T., Jerusalem

It was an evolving work of acceptance, liberation, and pure writing fun.

N.D., Jerusalem

Thank you for making it into such a special "me time" experience with all the frills and the welcoming atmosphere  (fancy tablecloths, flowers, candles, coffee, cake...)

R.R., Jerusalem

Thank you for making it into such a special "me time" experience with all the frills and the welcoming atmosphere  (fancy tablecloths, flowers, candles, coffee, cake...)

R.R., Jerusalem

The most powerful part of the class is discovering the strength you have within you. Although this sounds so cliche it isn't-its the absolute truth. People think 'oh, expressive writing- that's for people with issues!! Kind of like Chas Vesholom therapy!! Its probably a bunch of bored middle-aged ladies with nothing better to do ' 

So for everyone out there- I'm your regular run of the mill forty something lady, from a strong yeshivish background, outgoing, lots of Friends etc (just to prove that I am really unweird as could be) and have a nice job-thank you very much! I was with you in Seminary, I'm your next door neighbor and I sit next to you at PTA. I  even have a normal husband and kids b'h.! So there.  

Using the medium of writing Yocheved, with her depth, intuition and personal charisma takes us on a special journey-destination-.  ability, time and space  to connect to  what you already know deep inside and bring it to the forefront of your conscious mind. And actually do it, think it and most important of all feel it!

I cannot finish without saying 2 things.

1. The calm ambience, beautifully set table and yummy mouthwatering treats that Yocheved lays out every week add so much and are so appreciated and

 2. This is really even more important is the company. I have learnt so much from interacting with some outstanding ladies,vin a completely non- judgmental, this isn't going to affect my children's shidduchim atmosphere! We shmooze, laugh, kvetch and cry together and draw inspiration from each other.

G.S., Yerushalayim

I truly believe it is the gifted endeavor of Yocheved, our skilled and empathetic guide, that makes this class so unbelievably powerful as a tool for personal and spiritual growth.  True, the writing itself is a portal to our subconscious and can elucidate feelings we didn't know we felt, memories we didn't know we had or desires we didn't know we could fulfill. 


But, the reality of our class goes way beyond this.  From the beautifully set table, to Yocheved's unwavering desire that this class be our precious, personal, and special time, to the skillfully crafted writing exercises, to the camaraderie  created in that room--we all feel undoubtedly that we are here for a purpose and we are here for each other--each encouraged without judgment or pressure to grow in the way she needs. 


What can I say, this is the most sincere and effective method of true personal growth I have ever encountered and I feel so so grateful and privileged to be a part of it.  

C.M., Jerusalem

I just wanted to say that each week is a treat.  You put your heart into the workshops and I really feel that you are waiting expectantly for us to come and experience and create, explore internally and stretch towards growth.  The table settings, food decor, centerpieces add so much warmth, fore thought and love.  It has been a heavy and rich experience so far.  Thank you!

S.P., Jerusalem

It was a stunning, professional workshop that gave participants lots of food for thought, real opportunity for inner revelation and understanding. It was fun, fast paced and at the same time an introspective experience. Really great!!  

C.A., Beitar

I thought it would be writing exercises like I've done so many times before, but I was surprised to see how much I gained from this. It's not like anything I've done before. Thanks.

H.H., Lakewood

Absolutely amazing – enjoyable, exciting, calming, a growing experience and an opportunity to really reflect on my life and myself. The refreshments were so refreshing. Thank you so much, it was just beautiful.

R.M., Jerusalem

It was really invigorating and eye opening. The writing part really helped me. Not just in class but for myself. Thank you so much, each class was so special.

P. H., Jerusalem

Now I know that real change can happen even in a few weeks.

S.N., Jerusalem

Oh my my! Just finished with the class and it was great!!! I laughed,  I enjoyed and really had a great time. Thanks so much! This is an amazing thing. I feel like I want to share it with everyone. It's an amazing experience to write about things And to hear other stories and lives...

E.F. Boro Park

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