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“Occasionally a therapeutic writing book appears that offers sensitive original thinking on the often-praised topic of writing for healing, growth, and change. Write Your Way Home is such a book. The lovely collaboration between certified journal facilitator Yocheved Rottenberg and Torah guide Chaya Hinda Allen is a rich, interactive read. Each author brings carefully sequenced processes to explore spiritual discernment through Torah study and expressive writing on topics close to the hearts of women.

“There is no greater honor for a teacher than a student whose work advances the field. During her studies at the Therapeutic Writing Institute, Yocheved Rottenberg impacted the lives of hundreds of women through her writing groups and courses. Now she has created a pioneering work brimming with clarity, wisdom, and grace. I am joyous for her achievement and the healing it will bring to her readers.”


Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Poetry/Journal Therapist
Founder/Director, Center for Journal Therapy and Therapeutic Writing Institute
Denver, Colorado, USA

“Write Your Way Home goes far beyond being a ‘writing manual’ or ‘self-help book.’ It leads the reader deep into the world of self-discovery, accompanied by some very wise guides, thinkers, and writers, who provide illustration and encourage ways of thinking about life from philosophical and spiritual perspectives. This then leads to writing prompts for readers to use to explore these topics in the context of their own lived experience.

Writing as a way of healing, of making sense of the world, has long been recognized as a way of encouraging healing and personal growth. In this book, the writing techniques are taken to the next level…. I write as someone with little familiarity with the Torah, and yet I deeply appreciate the ideas that Yocheved Rottenberg has brought together through the carefully curated quotations from such wise writings. It is timely for this book come to fruition, as we are living in an ever more uncertain world, with more challenges than ever before. People are searching for ways of understanding that go beyond their mundane and daily lives, seeking the kind of pathway this book offers. 
I have had the pleasure to supervise Yocheved in the creation of this work. I have seen her understanding grow, her practice develop and deepen, and her ability to communicate this flourish. She will guide you to ask yourself questions you may not have been asked before, to examine your way of being, and to consider how you can live your life with compassion and courage in difficult times.

Although the inspiration was to write a book for people in one community, it is clear to me that anyone who is interested in looking at their own lives through philosophical and spiritual lenses will find much to benefit and inspire them here. The gentle introduction to writing will encourage even the most reluctant writer, and the ideas will engage the most experienced.”

Kate Thompson, MA, MA, CJT
Existential Therapist, Journal Therapist, and Writer
Author of Therapeutic Journal Writing: An Introduction for Professionals (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2010)

Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars 


Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2020

A Powerful Tool.

This book does not lend itself to a regular book review as it is more of a long term program for self improvement in different areas with many writing and reflection exercises that may be chosen depending on your needs and done in any sequence. The book is not to be read but to be done. I am still at the beginning and tried by now some exercises and found the techniques and learning experience surprisingly helpful. Some techniques I have just read but not practiced yet but they seem equally promising. The problem areas chosen apply more or less to all of us and you may add some of your own too.

So, if you try to become more efficient, productive in different areas or overcome certain weaknesses this is it. Also, if you try to solve deeper issues this book may get you a long way as well. True, it can not replace therapy, as the author states. However,, it is equally true that therapy may not replace work with such wonderful tool. I like it in particular for the wisdom it adds and the tools it provides. Written from a Jewish perspective it includes many beautiful quotes of great sages which I deeply enjoyed in and of themselves. Since the problem areas addressed are universal, everyone can benefit from this work, the young and the old, people of faith as well as atheists. For, it seems that some of its techniques may probably be used in different areas as well or with different perspectives. The main point of the author however goes without saying and is deeply religious in its call to turn inward to overcome one`s own weaknesses/problems, become productive instead of destructive thus turning the world into a better place. For this reason I hope that this work will be translated into many languages. Many Christians of different denominations I ran across would just love this book which may well become your lifelong companion. It is well written and should be understood (given an electronic dictionary and a little patience) by non-native speakers with elementary to intermediate English language skills. Although I hardly buy paperbacks anymore I did so in this case, since an outprint allows me to leaf back and forth without prior setting of bookmarks which I find helpful when dealing with teaching material or instructions of any kind.

Amazon Customer

5,0 von 5 Sternen 

An amazing book!

Rezension aus Deutschland vom 20. Dezember 2020

Verifizierter Kauf

As a perfectionist and picky person, I return half of the books I buy. But this book I immediately knew would be mine to keep. It’s clear, to the point, easy to read and covers many aspects and challenges of life that most people deal with. I have tried many of the interesting, step-by -step writing techniques discussed in the book and I was amazed by how helpful they were. Also, the questions asked in the beginning of each chapter are brilliant and brain-openers. They made me think deeply and honestly about my life. If you are a person who wants to get to know yourself better, have more clarity of mind, seeks to grow and heal, then this is surely the book you must read.

Translation of German Review:

A reader

5.0 out of 5 stars

A very helpful work that I would like to recommend

Reviewed in Germany on January 13, 2021

Verified purchase

The book is a therapeutic tool, with the help of ancient wisdom and modern techniques to go into oneself to remove blockages in the implementation of one's own resolutions. Basically everyone can use it. It consists of exercises and the instructions are written in simple, very understandable language. You can repeat the exercises that relate to different problem areas in life that we all have as often as you want, and they cannot be worked through systematically. Therefore this book can be a lifelong companion. The book is supplemented with numerous Jewish wisdom and suggestions that make the reading alone worthwhile, regardless of whether you are a believer or not. I recommend the paperback edition, because with this type of book one likes to leaf back and forth in order to fall back on places that one has not necessarily marked and bookmarked beforehand. I do not succeed so well with the electronic editions. Little knowledge of the English language is sufficient due to electronic aids. The book primarily addresses Jews and Christians. However, it seems to me to be helpful for non-believers as well. Because it is about simple everyday problem areas or about self-improvement with regard to values ​​that have universal character. Clear recommendation on my part. A beautiful and successful work that invites you to reflect. Certainly not bad for certain seminars either ...

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